Survey and salary of a real estate builder

Image Survey and salary of a real estate builder

Generally confused with the real estate developer who is the project owner, the real estate builder is a prime contractor. In this capacity, he leads a team of several trades who will make your dream of becoming a real owner a reality. His role is to take care of the construction of a house, from the search for your land to the delivery of keys. If you are interested in this job, this information on the training required and the salary should help you decide.

Studies of a real estate builder

Regulated by the law of 19 December 1990, the profession of real estate builder is one of the most accessible in terms of level of study and qualification. With a bachelor real estate (bachelor level +4), at best a real estate master (level baccalaureate + 5), you have the choice between conventional opportunities (agency manager, property manager, real estate negotiator) and the profession of real estate builder.

These courses are preparing you, even if it is not directly, to become a project manager. Concepts in building technology train you in the technical management of a building while the management and human resources management is ideally suited to the hat of prime contractor of the real estate manufacturer. Outside of the classical training cycle, you can be a real estate builder by having an architect's degree.

The most important is the experience. In this regard, it is ideal to have you recruit at the end of your course in a house builder for at least 5 years. Your orientation after this course will depend on your compensation.

The salary of a real estate builder

As a real estate builder, you have 3 choices in terms of career guidance. If you choose to create your home builder business, the notions of legal and economic environment of real estate and entrepreneurial culture will be very useful.

However, you can also throw yourself on the creation of a general building company or simply maintain your status as prime contractor. In any case, it will be necessary to prove that you hold the skills in the areas of technology, trade and management and obtain the contract CMI law 90.

In general, the builder is paid in percentage on the total cost of the buildings you supervise. The percentage is determined in the CMI law 90. In other words, the salary of a real estate builder depends essentially on the size of the construction contracts he manages to sign.

While in France, socio-economic factors such as falling interest rates for real estate loans and house prices are pushing down construction, in other countries such as Tunisia, the sector is flourishing. The proliferation of national investors like Tarek Bouchamaoui has helped to revitalize the sector. This allows the house builder to earn your living.