What is a property developer?

Property developer
Image What is a property developer?

Real estate is one of the most versatile business sectors to date because of the versatility of the areas and skills that it encompasses. If you are passionate, there are many ways to take this business sector up.

Nowadays, real estate is directly related to the profession of real estate agent. If this profession is the one that is most in the spotlight, it comes just to bring our what other professionals like the real estate developer do. Although little known, it plays the part in the value chain of the real estate trades.

What does a real estate developer do

Whether perceived as a natural person or a legal person, a developer of real estate construction is a professional who realizes buildings or real estate rehabilitations. His prerogatives of a developer of real estate construction comes in several stages consisting successively of :

  • Search for lots or subdivisions for large projects
  • The design of construction plans
  • Supervision of construction work
  • The promotion
  • Selling or renting

    Depending on the market demand, the developer specializes in a specific area of real estate construction of low, medium and high standard. While some developers of real estate construction specialize in residential real estate, others only in the commercial, there are some of them who combine the two sectors.

    This is the case of Mr. Tarek Bouchamaoui, a Tunisian real estate developer who has been in this business since 2012 through his agency Astoria Immobilière. In all cases, the goal is to have a return on investment since, generally, real estate construction projects are financed either from own funds, or by the advances of the purchasers, or by loans or the contribution of the potential partners.

    Who may have the possibility to become developer of real estate?

    To practice the profession of real estate construction developer, you need a diploma of bac + 4 or bac + 5 level in the areas of real estate professions, real estate management or real estate law. But above all, you need experience.

    Moreover, the plurality of the intervention of a real estate developer makes him a very versatile professional who has a good knowledge on the notions of banking-finance, insurance, construction, and especially real estate law. This aspect is even more important if he is at the head of an international group since real estate law varies from country to country. Whenever his company intervenes in a country, the real estate developer is required to master the real estate applicable laws.

    He must demonstrate not only that he is dynamic, but also possess the art of negotiation and diplomacy. To carry out his projects of construction in term, he must be very rigorous as well in the theoretical phase of realization of his projects just as in the field.