Check list to find the right real estate builder!

Check list to find the right real estate builder!

Any building construction is always a huge project. Building a dwelling or a building requires the intervention of a team of professionals. Between the formalities required, the builder, the supervision of the works, there is still a long way. Here is a checklist to learn about the best real estate builders in all Tunisia and who at the same time export their know-how beyond the Mediterranean Sea. 

Real estate construction

 Most of the modern accommodations and high standing buildings in Tunisia were built under contract of construction. As the real estate market is currently growing considerably, real estate developers are being solicited everywhere. 

Tunisia is overflowing with many groups in the area of building construction. These large groups have many subsidiaries in the building sector which is a great advantage for the development of a project. Many builders do not respect the contract, therefore it is essential to let a professional take care of the work. A real estate builder takes care of everything, which is not the case with building companies. 

 A customized work is always according to the needs and the budget, there's nothing for ti but to make the financing. An expert will be able to carry out the drawing up of the plans, the choice of the materials, to choose the staff of the building site, etc ... He will be the one who manages the stages of the building site from the start to finish, until the last finishing touch. Sometimes it is more convenient to contract with a real estate builder according to Mr. Tarek Bouchamaoui. 

Why choosing a professional ? 

 Building a real estate project, no matter how small might be the project, is not easy or you have to make an informed choice. Using the expertise of real estate builder is the solution especially when you are a foreigner. At the same time, one must know the different legal settings that exist. 

 Clauses for the construction of a house, will not be the same as that of a luxury building, an administrative office. A competent and experienced real estate builder will respect the specifications, the underwriting of guarantees with an insurance company, the implementation of the essential formalities, the guarantee of delivery at the agreed price and on time, the ten-year guarantee of all the interveners, the property damage insurance. 

 The real estate builder such as Tarek Bouchamaoui ( a reference in the area of real estate in Tunisia. His real estate construction group took care of several real estate construction projects such as private residences, standings and administrative offices.

Opt for a professional who engages on the basis of a construction contract

Contract with or without a plan

Price of the house / surface of your house 

Work start date of the construction site and the deadline for the execution of the works 

Delivery guarantee at agreed price and time

Warranty : biennial (2 years), decennial (10 years)

A manufacturer with a label is a surplus of guarantees

Respect the NF guarantee (individual house)

 Realization of a study of town planning rules

Taking care of the staff

Taking care of the necessary materials and equipment

 Conducting a study of environmental rules

Respect for new construction standards

Building permit filing

Deposit of all legal authorizations